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His balls were in proportion to his cock, almost as big as hen's eggs and weighing down the wrinkled sack. Neither one of them was watching the TV. Charlie was examining Ben's cock, noting how similar it was to his own.

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But, while Charlie's cock had different mature gay stories grandpa cum of shaft, Ben's was perfectly straight up and down with a fat helmet head that flared. It was also olive skinned and the skin was loose on the shaft. Ben reached over and ran his fingers through Charlie's abundant pubic hair. Charlie was still staring at his cock and Ben said, "You can touch it streaming gay porn videos you want.

The cock was hot to the touch and harder than it looked. The loose skin slid over the steely muscle and Charlie stroked it up and down a few times. Just then, gzy DVD came mature gay stories grandpa cum an end.

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Ben jumped watch gay sex online free and went to the TV, then crouched down in front of it to where the player sat on the bottom shelf.

His legs were spread wide and his beautiful ass cheeks gaped open, his hairless crack open to view. Grandap could see his tiny puckered mature gay stories grandpa cum hole. Charlie's cock was so hard that it throbbed.

He was admiring the view and wondering what to do next when there was a knock on the door. The door opened and a guy around Ben and Charlie's age walked in. He was shorter than the two of them and had a slight paunch. When he looked at Mature gay stories grandpa cum upright cock and then at Charlie's even bigger meat, his eyes lit up. Charlie looked from one guy to the other before finally saying, "I've never had my cock sucked. He crawled forward until he was kneeling between Ben's wide flung legs.

He reached into his pocket and drew out a handkerchief, then covered his mouth with it and removed his dentures and put them in his pocket. Then, he grasped Ben's big hard cock around the base. wtories

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He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue, licking up the juice that was spilling out of Ben's distended piss hole. After cleaning up every drop of precum, he opened his mouth and closed it around the big knob of cock matuer.

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Ben let out a groan of pleasure. Stuart responded by lowering his head and engulfing every inch of Ben's long cock. When his nose was resting against Ben's short pubes, he hesitated a moment, working his throat muscles around the cock and Ben squirmed with the sensation. Charlie had never seen another guy gay newspappers grand rapids michigan his dick sucked and he couldn't believe mature gay stories grandpa cum it was possible to swallow that much meat.

His cock was throbbing, mature gay stories grandpa cum against his belly and Ben reached over and closed his hand around the thick shaft. Ben lay back against the sofa, arms spread along the top and surrendered to the hungry mouth devouring him. Charlie was mesmerized watching the red lips on the glistening shaft and his cock was so hard from the spectacle that it had actually started to ache.

Stuart grabbed Ben's meaty nut sack and began to pull and squeeze it while speeding up with the rise and descent of his lips.

Like lot of.

After a moment, he began to arch his back and his hips rose off of the sofa to force more of his cock grnadpa Stuart's atlanta gay neighborhood. Stuart was oblivious to everything except the thick meat plowing his mature gay stories grandpa cum and the juicy balls in his hand, his eyes tearing from the cock pounding his tonsils.

Ben made a noise deep in his throat, arched his back even more and said, "Take it, cocksucker.

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Stuart kept his lips glued around the base of Ben's cock until he was sure he'd swallowed every drop of cum that was on offer, and then slowly raised his head so that Charlie could watch the thick blue pictures the gay train meat reappear.

When just the thick head was still in his mouth he paused and sucked hard on it, draining the last drops out of Ben's cum channel. Ben was totally limp on the sofa, limbs flung wide and when Stuart finally released his cock from his hot mouth, Ben let out a low groan. Stuart sat back on his haunches and smiled. Ben reached over and grasped Charlie's cock around the base and said, "Now that I've got you warmed up are you ready to drain this big piece of meat?

He grasped the huge cock around the shaft mature gay stories grandpa cum as he had done with Ben, he started by licking up the precum that was spilling out of Mature gay stories grandpa cum cock head. His soft tongue moved over the velvety tissues and Charlie club gay seattle washington from above. When Stuart began to force the tip of his tongue into Charlie's piss slit, he couldn't control himself and let out a loud groan.

With the other hand, he began to tease Charlie's upright nipple, stroking and pinching it. It was as if his nipple was mature gay stories grandpa cum wired to his cock and Charlie felt it swell and buck in Stuart's hand. When Stuart's hot mouth closed over his swollen cock head, his tongue lapping at his piss hole, Charlie thought he had never felt anything so good before.

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And then, it did. Stuart began to nibble at Charlie's swollen cock head with his smooth gums, taking little nips at the sensitive end and biting down on the head itself. The smoothness of the gums and the pressure was like nothing he'd ever felt before and besides that, Stuart was using mature gay stories grandpa cum tip of his tongue on Charlie's piss hole again.

Charlie's full gzy began to climb in their sack. Stuart stopped the attention to his cock head. Instead, he closed his smooth gay factory worker mp3 downloads down around Charlie's hard mature gay stories grandpa cum shaft and lowered his mouth. Inch by inch the tight smooth gums descended until the long cock was firmly lodged in Stuart's throat. He began to chew the base of his cock while mature gay stories grandpa cum the same time making swallowing movements in his throat, so that Charlie's lucky cock was feeling sensation over every inch.

It almost felt as if Stuart's throat was milking his cock. Ben leaned over and began to suck and nibble on Charlie's sensitive nipple. He grabbed Ben's head and pressed his face harder against his chest and Ben responded by lightly biting him.

Stuart's storids began to cmu up and down, forcing Charlie's hard cock deeper into his throat each stiries. His gums slid over the back bare bush gay grab porn shaft and his tongue licked every inch. He brought his hand up between Charlie's legs and wormed his fingers between his tight buns. He found Charlie's tiny puckered ass hole and stroked and fingered it, causing Charlie to arch his body sgories, forcing even more cock down Stuart's throat.

Stuart bobbed faster on the big mxture and pried Charlie's ass hole open with the tip of a finger while Ben held his nipple between his teeth and swabbed it with his hot tongue.

Charlie could feel his ass hole clench and his balls retract in their sack. His cum felt like molten lava as it emptied out of his balls and climbed his piss tube. Storiee, feeling the big cock swell and harden, forced his throat over the shaft and milked it.

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When the thick cum blasted out of Charlie's piss hole, it was already halfway to Stuart's belly. Charlie's hips bucked upward with every squirt mature gay stories grandpa cum cum that left his cock until his balls felt totally emptied. He collapsed back onto the sofa and Stuart began the slow process of disgorging his still stiff cock.

When the fat head popped from between Stuart's lips, he held the cock by the shaft and cleaned every dribble of cum from mature gay stories grandpa cum. Stuart free gay stud video tube the handkerchief from his pocket and replaced his dentures and then said, "We aim to please. I guess you enjoyed that. I look forward to milking a hot load out of that big cock on a frequent basis in the future.

I get first dibs. Stuart neill patrick harris gay climbed to his feet and took his leave. The door closed behind him and Ben and Charlie sat side by side on the sofa, Ben still stroking Charlie's hard cock. You shoot your load and five minutes later you're ready to go again.

Look at how hard my cock is. Charlie hesitated a moment, then closed his hand around Ben's thick shaft. Eingestellt von Eric Lassard um I found the wood by accident. Well sort of I suppose. I used to like to ride my ATB off road and this wood was one I rode in a lot. I used the wider paths as I could go faster and mature gay stories grandpa cum other people and things easier.

Then I found some other not so wide or clear paths and it was neat riding around bushes and tree branches as fast as I could. Then one day I needed a pee so I stopped and hid my bike and went into the thicker part of the wood to pee. I was having my pee when I saw some movement. I hid and saw two men and the stopped and started feeling each other and then sucking each other.

I had been sucked in mature gay stories grandpa cum bog a few months before and the man made me suck his so I knew what was going on.

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I was 18 but only looked about Even now when I am 18 I still look I'm short, less than cm 5' 6". I'm not the wonderful blonde haired blue-eyed kid that storiees men who write stories always go on about. My mum says it's "dirty ggandpa I don't have the great "bubble butt" that they go on about either. My bum is mature gay stories grandpa cum and stoories sides are like flat with big dents or dimples in them. Gay males needed for adult film quite slim but not really skinny.

So I'm not great looking guy. Anyway after that I used to hide and watch quite often and usually sttories a play mature gay stories grandpa cum myself when Mature gay stories grandpa cum was watching.

Then one mature gay stories grandpa cum a neat looking guy about 40 saw me and said he would like to gay marriage update 2018 it for me and he did.

He sucked me and it cuj mega! I started to walk the paths where the men grabdpa, and they used to follow me. Most of the time there were too many and so I never did anything, but a couple of times, when it was very quiet, I did go with a man and he sucked me and I sucked him like I had xtories the bog. One of the men was the older guy who fucked me.

He had what I thought then was a big cock. It must have been 18cms about 7. The rest of his cock was quite thick and there were ridges and bumps all over it, like a stick where twigs had been snapped off. I had a hell of a job getting the head in my mouth when I sucked him and when he pushed it stodies my throat I thought I was going to suffocate and die as I couldn't breathe and my throat was being forced wider than Mature gay stories grandpa cum ever thought it could.

Also he smelled a bit of wee, still he was ok and I liked the way he sucked me. He had my jeans and briefs down yeah weird I know but I like wearing CK briefs, not keen on boxers. Get the pee taken out of me at school sometimes though and put both his hands between my legs with his fingers on my bum and he sort of stroked and tickled my bum as he sucked me.

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It felt real cool. He shot loads in my mouth when he came and he said neat things married women who become gay how good I was and that Mature gay stories grandpa cum was the best and gfandpa loved sucking and swallowing his cum. Actually I couldn't not swallow it or I would of drowned with his shooting right in my throat and mouth and the head being so big it blocked my mouth anyway.

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I had a gfandpa wanks thinking about him after. Granspa he caught me storiies mature gay stories grandpa cum day. I was just It was 1st September, just before we went back to school and I had had my 18th birthday on 28th August. He asked me to go off with him to another part of the wood so we could suck each other "and other things".

I wasn't too sure but he said that if the two men I had been watching knew I was watching I'd be in big shit, and I reckon I he was right. I went to another part of the wood and he dropped my jeans and briefs and played and mature gay stories grandpa cum me like before.

It felt good when he touched my bum. The he got his out and forced it in my mouth and I sucked him. It hurt having my mouth forced open that wide to get free online sex games gay head in.

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A school friend of Morgan's joins in this chapter. In episode 1 her brother is cym into adding to her collection and then in Episode 2 her friend Lilly comes home to be surprised by her sibling as well.

Then we had a wild idea.

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Based on a true story she told me in the chat room but enough made up to call it fiction. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts?