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Video: John MacArthur on Christians, Business, and Gay Marriage (Selected Temple of America has called same-sex "marriage" one of its "sacraments."  Missing: Porn.

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Bill English brings his expertise on business, reminding us that profits can greatly serve the kingdom, because in the tbe, all earnings belong to God. Then, Mona Charen of the Ethics and Public….

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Then, Gary Stratton teaches methods of pushing distractions from our….

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The agenea Detroit pastors are outraged over Friedman's ruling and have positioned themselves to voice their opposition in the U. The pastors, in particular, are offended by the comparison of marriage redefinition to black civil rights struggles.

Gay Rights Don't Compare to Civil Rights, Say African-American Pastors — Charisma News

Pastor James Crowder, of St. Galilee Baptist Church and president of the Westside Minister's Alliance, also weighed in on the narrative of sexual orientation being a civil right. Never have I been so insulted.

agenda megachurch the gay

The curtain must be pulled down on this play of disinformation. There have been several ordained clergy in various denominations who have come to the side of lesbians and homosexuals, alleging that the Bible doesn't teach against homosexual and lesbian lifestyles and that God megachurch the gay agenda love megachyrch cannot condemn any kind of love.

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We cannot and we will not endorse anyone who blatantly blasphemies the Word of God and leads people in the wrong direction", states the Rev. The group of black Detroit pastors and Christian leaders are calling on Christians from all the States under the jurisdiction of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to stand with them in taking advantage megachurch the gay agenda the court's rule, which allows them to file an amicus brief.

Don't Waste Your Life on Porn, Video Games When the 'Real World Is on Fire': Ben Stuart

Concerned pastors and leaders are encouraged to attend a press conference Wednesday at 10 a. He megachuech he covered his apartment in Post-it notes but sometimes walked out dolgano gay nenetskiy woman his house in his pajamas or without wearing shoes anyway. He went through intensive therapy, supervised by Dr.

His baseball career over, Marin sank into a megachurch the gay agenda depression. He remembers falling to the floor in the bathroom, racked with tears, half talking to himself, half praying, saying "Lord, this is your thing now, because hhe thing is gone.

Megachurch leader in mega-sized sex scandal

He refocused his ambition on academics. A psychology major, Marin became entranced with the idea of getting a grant to conduct research.

He spent five months working as a scholar and research assistant on a National Institute on Disability and Megachurch the gay agenda Research grant and seven months studying adults with intellectual disabilities gay whistler ski packages a grant from the National Institute on Aging.

Then at the end of his senior year, as he was walking down Taylor Street toward the Blue Line, he megachurch the gay agenda an idea slammed into his head like a line drive from God.

gay megachurch agenda the

He decided in that instant to conduct a major study on homosexuality and religion. Marin says he proposed his idea to professors in the graduate psychology programs at UIC and Columbia University, but was met with "puzzled looks.

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After college Marin worked at several hotels, including a stint booking rooms for professional sports teams at the Drake. He left that job in the spring of to focus on the Marin Foundation, which got its nonprofit status megachurch the gay agenda summer; he's also agendx graduate studies at Moody Bible Institute on a part-time basis.

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He's currently the megachurch the gay agenda employee, although the foundation has one intern--Ashley Johnson, a recent Northern Illinois University graduate--and two main volunteers who help out each week. One of them is his old friend Dan Kwak. A shifting roster of additional volunteers fills in the gaps.

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getting beyond shallow gay mindset Bringing together ideological foes on a megachurch the gay agenda budget may seem a quixotic mission, but Marin is undaunted. For years the conservative evangelical position on homosexuality has appeared inseparable from the vitriolic rhetoric of figures like Fred Phelps, the Kansas preacher notorious for coining the phrase "God Hates Fags" and for sending his followers to picket military funerals, ostensibly to protest the homosexual-loving U.

While many evangelicals who oppose gay marriage and megachurch the gay agenda homosexuality a sin against nature have made a point of distancing themselves from overt hate speech, they still adhere to the literal reading of scripture. Marin may be more comfortable with homosexuality than the average evangelical, but he shares a belief in the Bible as the inerrant word of God.

Which invites the question: When I ask it, Marin writes the question megachurch the gay agenda on a piece of paper and studies it carefully.

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But he quickly adds that all Christians are sinners, according to Romans 3: In this sense Megachurch the gay agenda a dyed-in-the-wool evangelical. But he doesn't agree with many of his fellow conservative Christians on the consequences of this particular sin.

His God Doesn't Hate Fags

In his view homosexuality won't necessarily send you to hell. At the end of the day, we don't know. So there's no easy way to count anyone out. Nor does he consider megachurch the gay agenda his place to push gay people toward straight lifestyles--a new idea for some evangelical groups he addresses, given that the nature of evangelism is to be constantly on the march to win souls.

For example, if someone in the gay community decides that he's gay and it's OK with Megachurch the gay agenda, it's not my job to tell them they're wrong.

agenda megachurch the gay

I'm not telling anyone they have to change in order to love the Lord. While this view may give openly gwy people a place within Marin's conservative faith, it doesn't explain why they'd actually be attracted megachurch the gay agenda it.

There's a wide range of religious megachurch the gay agenda, especially in the Chicago area, that don't see mfgachurch as sinful in any way and even celebrate it as one of God's gifts. Daily free gay movie site Marin says some GLBT people in his classes want to find a fhe back to the conservative religious traditions of their childhoods. Others simply find a strict, evangelical Christianity rewarding enough ageda they're willing to concede that their sexuality might be sinful.

Bob, a prominent Chicago architect who asked that his last name be withheld, took one of Marin's classes last fall.

He'd spent two decades as a confirmed skeptic, having left the Catholic church when he came out. He megachurch the gay agenda his years out of the fold but has no intention of vay to become straight or giving up his relationship of more than a quarter century.

It was his renewed faith, he says, that inspired him to take part in a wedding ceremony at a church with his partner last year. He firmly believes that no amount of prayer or struggle will turn him straight--"Believe me," he says, "I've tried"--so he's decided to make his peace.

gay megachurch agenda the

There are other questions Marin simply avoids altogether, such as whether megachurch the gay agenda is a meachurch. He also refuses to say if he believes gays can go straight. Have I seen people not change? Do I think that megachurch the gay agenda who do change just drop all thoughts of homosexuality?

I think that will be with them for their entire life. The foundation takes no official position on gay marriage or gay adoption, although Marin praised one of tue gay students who took in foster children from a third world country with his partner.